"My music is my thought, and my thought is my emotion; the deeper I dive into the ocean of feeling, the more beautiful are the pearls I bring forth in the form of melodies."

~ Hazrat Inayat Khan

Meet Daniel

Daniel is a musician and facilitator based in Chapel Hill, NC.  For over 25 years he has walked a winding path through studies of American Jazz, traditional Celtic music, North Indian Classical music, and Nada yoga (yoga of sound). Combined with a BA in Experiential Education and Music, well over a decade of teaching in wilderness and experiential settings, and extensive studies in meditation, somatic inquiry, and emotional release, Daniel now specializes in creating music for ceremonial and intentional settings, and facilitating emotionally empowering musical experiences such as Music of the Heart. Whether on bamboo flute, saxophone, or voice, his deeply emotional and highly intuitive approach helps participants move deeper into their own authentic experience.


Some recent Highlights of my music...

Upcoming Events

    Restorative Yin Yoga & Live Music

Nov 14th, 2020 - 3pm-5pm

(Recording will made be available). I will support your journey of healing and surrender with music on bamboo flute and voice, while Scott guides you through deeply relaxing, gentle postures.

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Other Offerings

An interactive, inward musical journey, combining deep listening, somatic inquiry, and meditative sound.

Private and Group Sessions

Emotionally empowering and deeply sensitive melodies on bamboo flute, voice, and saxophone, drawn from Indian Classical, Celtic, and Jazz music

Lessons • Performances • Ceremony

"I was leading a group on sacred land. Daniel was our facilitator and musician. Hearing his chants, listening to his music, and watching his movements, my soul could only think the following: 'He is the blend of an Ancient One, and a Master.' There is no one like Daniel. Let this Divinely-sent, earth-grounded artist help open your heart and soul.”  

                                - Cyndi Dale. Author of 28 Best Selling Books on Energy Medicine

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