Music of the Heart

Group Sessions

An interactive, inward musical journey, combining deep listening, somatic inquiry, and meditative sound.

Every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm EST - Online via Zoom

There is a Music of the Heart: a subtle, ever changing tapestry of feelings, emotions, and desires flowing through our inner world, that is often drowned out by the hubbub of everyday life. The intention of Music of the Heart (MOTH) is to explore simple breath and sounding practices that can help tune our ears to this more subtle music within. Guided by the feelings and sensations that arise as we listen and sing, we discover how music and breath can serve as a craft to travel through the realms of the subconscious and the unconscious.

Music (including toning and breath) is a language beyond words. Just as our feelings and emotions often defy definition, music offers us a special place to experience and express this inner world without the need to explain or label it. Throughout our existence, we humans have used music to help us celebrate, to help us grieve, to help us love.

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More about Music of the Heart Group Sessions

In these Tuesday evening sessions, I gently guide the group into simple breathing and vocal practices that we can all try together, and invite participants to listen deeply to themselves as I play melodies and improvisations from India, old Europe, and beyond.

These group sessions blend somatic inquiry, vedic chanting, nada yoga (yoga of sound), and Sufism coupled with Daniel’s intuitive approach to therapeutic sounding and breathwork.

This allows you to:

  • create more resilient breathing patterns, especially in times of stress
  • cultivate a grounding and centering practice with breath and voice
  • introduce you to the therapeutic opportunities within your own voice
  • discover a place of refuge and restoration in the home of your body
  • nurture the resonant and harmonic container of your body
  • enjoy the group energy and the musical component for deeping.

The activities and explorations in Music of the Heart are wonderful for anyone going through a difficult time and feeling like they are “holding their breath;”  anyone who feels ungrounded or unempowered; and for anyone who is curious about deepening their connection with two of their most essential therapuetic tools – their breath and their voice.

The group sessions are an ongoing experience that will build on itself overtime, but will always be accessible to new folks. No experience or affiliation is necessary, be it musical, spiritual, religious or otherwise.  In short: this practice is for everyone and anyone who seeks to unwind, let go, and reconnect with that deep well of feeling and wisdom that lies within each of us.

Frequently asked questions...

All of the above! Part of the inspiration for Music of the Heart originally grew from my desire to bridge the gap between audience and performer, to draw people into the rich and wondrous world I experience when I play. The tools provided in these classes all can help to provide you with a deeper experience of both listening to, and creating music.  But ultimately, the overarching intention is to open a space where you can listen more deeply to yourself.  

No experience, musical or otherwise, is required. Throughout the experience, If you are hesitant or nervous about using your voice, I will be right there for you to lean on, gently leading you on a journey of sound and breath, to places you may never have known you could go!  MOTH is designed to be a very safe and nurturing place to explore one’s relationship to making sound, and the profound effects we can have on our own system simply by breathing and singing. 

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