Friday Music Meditation

A Friday evening live concert to cleanse the energies of the week and settle your Spirit.


Music is a language beyond words. Just as our feelings and emotions often defy definition, music offers us a special place to experience and express this inner world without the need to explain or label it. Throughout our existence, we humans have used music to help us celebrate, to help us grieve, to help us love.

Listen and Let Go: Live Music Meditations

Be held. Listen and let go. Be immersed in the music that will hold all that you are carrying and restore you after a long week.

Join me every Friday for a 30-45 minute Live musical mediation to help soothe and support you.  This transitional meditation helps soften the stress of week and offers a pathway to a more peaceful and present weekend.

Feel free to for all or part of the time.  Headphones or nice speakers are not necessary, but definitely enhance the experience!

When:  Every Friday at 5:30pm EST

Where: Live Streaming @

Suggested Donation: $15-$30 (Pay what you can)

Frequently asked questions...

No!  You can use the Zoom call-in numbers. In fact, I recommend laying down, getting comfortable, and setting your phone on the speaker setting to allow for complete relaxation.

I am currently working on a way to provide a recording, but at this time, I recommend that you try your best to join live. If an emergency arises, we can certainly talk and I will work with you to attend another musical meditation.

Contact me if money is a concern at this time.