Outdoor Concert at Gardens of the Moon – SOLD OUT

Gardens of the Moon is a magical outdoor venue in a beautiful rural location, located near Maple View Farm, with easy access from the surrounding towns. The address/directions will be sent after registration and payment. I am so excited to play here!

Limited to 25 people – Registration required

Suggested price: $20.00



Gardens of the Moon is privileged to host Daniel Chambo, a master musician and musical magician! Daniel’s music, enchanting instrumentation and voice, are deeply soothing and healing. Please see his information below. Be sure to check out his Musical Highlights in the video above!

From Daniel:
Warm Greetings, Friends! I’m Daniel Chambo, and I make music and guide experiences that help people feel, and be real. I use bamboo/wooden flutes, voice, saxophone, and hand percussion to explore the musical worlds of Hindustani (North Indian Classical), Celtic music, Jazz, and beyond. Specializing in music for ceremonial and intentional settings, I strive to create experiences that deepen our connection to the inner world of feeling. Why?
Because I feel so much, so deeply, that cannot be named or explained. But it is felt, and it can be expressed. That, for me, is the power of music. It is a language beyond words: that speaks of the great, churning ocean of feeling we all contain.
Let’s go swimming, shall we?
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