Music of the Heart Private Session


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An extension of the group MOTH experience, 1-on-1 sessions offer the space to more fully explore the tools and practices that can help you on your unique and precious journey.

The intention is to provide you with new self-care resources through meaningful breath work; expansive sounding techniques; and meditative self-inquiry.

In these private sessions, Daniel leads you through working with the authentic contraction and expansion of your body and your breath to help connect you to the meaningful control that you have in each moment.

These private sessions blend somatic inquiry, vedic chanting, nada yoga (yoga of sound), and Sufism coupled with Daniel’s intuitive approach to therapeutic sounding and breathwork.

In these sessions, I gently guide you through simple breathing and vocal practices. Together, we allow the music of the heart free and allow you to explore your inner world in an intentional, interactive, and reflective way.

This allows you to:

  • create more resilient breathing patterns, especially in times of stress
  • cultivate a grounding and centering practice with breath and voice
  • introduce you to the therapeutic opportunities within your own voice
  • discover a place of refuge and restoration in the home of your body
  • nurture the resonant and harmonic container of your body

The activities and explorations in Music of the Heart are wonderful for anyone going through a difficult time and feeling like they are “holding their breath;”  anyone who feels ungrounded or unempowered; and for anyone who is curious about deepening their connection with two of their most essential therapeutic tools – their breath and their voice.

No experience or affiliation is necessary, be it musical, spiritual, religious or otherwise.  In short: this practice is for everyone and anyone who seeks to unwind, let go, and reconnect with that deep well of feeling and wisdom that lies within each of us.

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Session Options

Single Private Session – 1hr, Single Private Session – 30 min, Package – 5 sessions