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music lessons are available for 30-mins or 1-hour sessions for ALL levels and ages. We can work over Zoom, or outside if you are local and the weather is nice.  See below for more details…

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Whether you’re interested in deepening the musical journey you’re already on, or starting something brand new, I would love to help! I have a BA in Experiential Ed and Music, and 20+ years of teaching experience from mountain tops to classrooms to one-on-one. I look forward to helping you discover and develop your unique voice and offering, whatever the medium.

Highly individualized instruction and guidance available in the following instruments and disciplines, for ALL levels and ages:

  • Bansuri, Bamboo/Wooden Flutes: I primarily teach on side-blown wooden and bamboo flutes, including Bansuri (india), and Irish or “simple system” flute, which naturally leads into the music of those traditions. However, this simple type of flute is an incredibly versatile instrument that can be adapted to almost any style of music.
  • Saxophone: Beginner to advanced technique and performance practices for Jazz, classical, rock, soul, and beyond. Jazz theory and improvisation.
  • Irish whistle: There aren’t many instruments that are as inexpensive, beautiful sounding, and easy to learn as the irish or tin whistle! That’s why I’ve always felt it’s the perfect instrument for people who want to play music but don’t know where to start. Traditional Celtic and Old time repertoire is often at the fore, but if you really want to learn that theme from Titanic  or Lord of the Rings, we can do that too!
  • Voice: Using a blend of western and Indian breathing and vocal practices, I help you find more fullness, support, and expressive range in your voice, that can be applied to any style of singing. (If you’re curious about the effects that breath and singing can have on our inner psycho-emotional world, check out Music of the Heart 1-on-1 Sessions)
  • North Indian Classical Music: technique, theory, and performance of Raga (melody) and Tala (rhythm), primarily of the Maihar Garana, as taught by my teachers: K. Shridar, Tarun Bhattacharya, Shashank Subramanyam, Steve Gorn, and John Wubbenhorst.  I teach using flute and voice, but techniques and practices can be applied to any instrument.
  • Celtic Music: learn techniques for faithfully rendering traditional tunes of the British Isles and Western Europe, as well as traditional music of the US and Canada.
  • Music Theory: Whether you want to write your own music, learn to improvise over chord changes, sing harmony, or just get better informed about the structure of the music you play, I can help enlighten that process.

Please contact me if money is an issue.

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