Sound Journeys

Singing through Darkness to Light

Recorded live ~ Winter Solstice 2020 ~

Here is a 48 minute musical journey that travels down through darkness and dissonance, massaging the stuckness, climbing through the realms of the unconscious, and spiraling up again to receive the coming of new light, new insight.  Recorded live just before midnight on the Winter Solstice, 2020, this tonal journey can be used anytime you wish; for relaxation, emotional support, unseating old patterns, or how ever it speaks to you.

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A Pathway to Deep Sleep

30 minutes of descending sweetness to gently lull you to sleep

This 30 minute recording is designed to lead to you into a state of nourishing, restful sleep, or deep meditation.  Beginning with higher frequency sounds, gently coaxing the mind and intellect to let go, we slowly move down through lower and lower tones, letting the deep feeling body lead the way. About half way through, the sounds begin to gradually fade to silence over the next 15 minutes, allowing you to naturally drift off to sleep, without needing to stop the recording or turn the volume down. To aid in the intention of putting aside worries, cares, and self-criticisms, the tonality explores the rapturous sweetness of Rag Rageshri, one of my favorite nighttime ragas.

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